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Pikachu Coloring Pages

Pikachu is a character can be found in a cartoon TV series that I used to see when I was a kid named Pokemon. I am not really sure that nowadays kids are still familiar with the name of this character. Even so, the physical appearance of it that is so cute seems to be something timeless and that it why it will always be loved by kids in every era. So here, I give some Pikachu coloring pages as introduction to this very cute creature.

At a glance, Pikachu looks like a squirrel with long ears and also unusual tail. Even so, it actually belongs to the species of Mouse Pokemon. Well, it is so true that finding some real mouse characteristic in it is rather hard to do. Moreover, Pikachu is just too cute as a mouse.
pikachu and friends coloring pages
Other thing that also makes it to be so different from real common mouse is that it has electric power that can be used to attack anyone who does something bad to it or anyone that it meets in Pokemon battle.

In the TV series that I saw, Ash is the one that owns this species. Instead of considering this creature as a pet, it seems that Ash consider Pikachu as his best friends.

As a clue in coloring the pages I share here, this Pokemon mainly appears in yellow color with black detail on its ears and also red stripes on its back. Other than that, there are also two red circles located on its cheeks.

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